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Thursday, July 29, 2010 @ 11:54 PM: Note to Self
Its officially the semester break!!!
Now i can just chill and relax... for at least 3 weeks.

Which brings me to what I've gotta say today:

Note to self:

Update blog more often and try to get it a new look!!!

Let's hope I really do!! XD
Don't wanna let my blog get abandoned!!
Anyway, I'll try and do something about it during this semester break :)

PS: Remind me CONSTANTLY!!!


Sunday, July 18, 2010 @ 3:39 PM: Bon Odori 2010
Talk about neglecting your blog.

I haven't blogged since March, so thats like... FOUR MONTHS!!! O.O"
Sorry guys but University life just keeps getting hectic and crazier each day.
And when I do get the free time, I don't really feel like blogging much.
So I just update my Facebook status and hope its enough.

I would promise to blog more but I dunno if I can keep that promise.
So I'm just gonna hope that someone even reads my current entry for now :P

Anyway, yesterday was the all-amazing BON ODORI FESTIVAL!!
And this time it was a bit crazy because we went by car.

So, lacking the use of GPS, we arrived at the festival late,
despite us driving there 2 hours earlier!!!

Hahaha. We ended up in Klang instead of Shah Alam.
So u would see how lost we were... XD
By the time we got there, the parking was obviously alrdy full, and the cars had already parked all the way out to the side of the highway!!!

So what did we do?
We did what anyone would do for Bon Odori. Double Parking. LOL.

But we made sure the cars beside us could get out of course~ We're not THAT evil :P

So the night went amazingly.
Had lotsa fun and craziness with the gang.
And this year was even more packed with ppl than last year... which is saying something since last year was insanely packed!!!

This is just HALF of the crowd!!
The other half are behind me....

Tho the only down part of the entire thing was that it ended too soon.
I was supposed to meet up with some friends, but sadly, they weren't anywhere to be found.
And it was especially hard to contact them due to the lousy phone signal in the festival.

But oh well.
There's always next year ;)
So here's a couple of photos to show u guys the awesome fun we had last night! :D

The first photo we took when we arrived.
HAHAHA! U can imagine our relief of finding the place!! XD

My cousin Sara, her friend Yean Lynn, and I

Kraig, Sara, Yean Lynn and I

The only friend I managed to find that day!!
Li Shin!!! :D

Haha, we were mid-dance when I took this photo :P
If u notice, Kraig is behind me, and Sara behind him~

Another fun moment captured mid-dance.
Kraig havin a good time while behidn him, Sara and Yean Lynn having a cat fight? XD

Taking a short break from the dance

I gotta say, I always envy these drummers.
They look so focused and pro lol... i seriously mean it whn i hope to be like thm one day!

And the events come to a close for the night,
and for another year.

Happy Bon Odori!!!
Haha. Managed to find a group of japanese girls to take photos with us :)
I particularly like the girl in blue kimono. She's so cute! :P

Hopefully I'll have another blog update soon.
I really don't wanna neglect my blog for so long...
I also doubt I'll be able to hit any targets before this 24th Aug (My blog's 2nd year anniversary)~

So assuming I still have readers,

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Sunday, March 21, 2010 @ 10:56 PM: Front Row Seats, baby!! XD
So I promised u guys an update this weekend.

But the thing is, I'm too excited to post anything other than what happened today!!


Seriously it was a good day :)
Let me explain.

As u all know, Kelly Clarkson is comin down to KL for a concert this 25th April!!!

So I went to buy my Kelly Clarkson tickets today.
I thought I'd be getting the rm99 (cheapest & free-seating) tickets.

But then they said they had these games going on in awhile,
hosted by Jin frm, and I thought I'd give it a try n win me some tickets.
I had to go on stage and play Guess That Kelly Clarkson Song.

Me and the other 4 contestants.
It may look as tho I'm d only 1 posing, lol...
But I'm actually lookin up at d huge crowd staring at us!!

Me guessing one of the song.
Jin looks like he wish I didn't keep getting the answers right.
But I was!! XDDD

And... guess what?
I WON!!!
Guessed 6 out of 8 songs.

I ofcoz knew the other 2 song names as well, but some ppl beat me to it.

I was too quick for the rest of the 6 songs tho!!
Jin was getting tired of seeing only me raise my hand all d time I think!! XDD

Taken after I won the stuff.
I had a photo whr everyone asked me to stand on stage,
and a couple of cameras kept pointing at me. Bloody nervous!!!
But I'm not gona show u guys tht pic coz I look obviously still shaking!! XD

**If u look closely, my letter hand is still shaking too!!**

So anyway, I got me all these awesome goodie bags frm Sony Ericsson (loads of stuff!),

and Sembonia (rm50 voucher tht i hv no use for except give it 2 my mom, and a recycle bag) as well as TWO COMPLEMENTARY Kelly Clarkson concert tickets!!!

The tickets tht i got were worth the rm288 seats.

The ones right up front near the stage!! COOL RIGHT?!
I'm totally stoked abt it right now.

Did not expect it AT ALL!!! :D


Ofcoz, we did some window shopping and visiting frens after that,
but its all small stuff compared to getting FREE FRONT ROW SEATS to watch Kelly Clarkson!!

Wai Keat and Pik Yee.

Lol, went to visit Pik yee at her work place in Sg. Wang.

As u can see, I'm still in my happy place now.
Not going anywhere for quite some time I'm guessing hahaha...
So either way, hopefully I'll remember to post up something soon :)

Nitey nite!!

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Friday, March 19, 2010 @ 1:52 AM: Updating Soon!! @@"
Hello everyoneeeeeeeeee!!!

Anyone still here? If there is, I seriously thank you and am touched.
Because I know I've been M.I.A forever!!

My blog has digital spiderwebs now....

You see, I've been really addicted to Facebook, Twitter and Dailybooth these days.
Its kinda like doing mini blogging there these days since I add few sentences here and there.
So I'm really sorry about neglecting my blog.

Anyway, its late now and I've been sick for the past few days.
I'm just about getting better now but I can't take any chances!!
Gonna head off to bed now.

PROMISE I'll try to update by this week!!
I can't remember where I left off.... Hmmm... Before CNY i think.
So I'll probably update u guys from there on!!

MUCH has happened since then :P
Anyway, look out for the next update this weekend!! :D

Here's a photo to show U i'm real and still alive btw hahaha!
I havent got much solo camwhoring done these days so this will have to do for now!

Not really eating the pear btw... Wouldn't dream of it!! Ewwww...
Wonder what I'm doing? Lol.
Find out in the next update!! :P

Nites all!!


Sunday, January 17, 2010 @ 7:00 PM: My Current Top 8 Fav Hits!!
Guess what?
Another blog entry today!!! XDD

Feeling in quite a good mood.

But today's post is to introduce u guys to my latest blog playlist of songs.
Which, btw, u can find on the left side of my blog and enjoy~

Amazingly, I found the time to find some new songs, get addicted, and upload them!

So I decided to post them up here for u all to enjoy as well!!
Let me tell u guys about them one by one kay?
Let's start from the bottom, to the very most favourite of mine :)

8th: Telephone - Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce

Well! I guess there isn't much to introduce for this song.
Since it already is a fav for most people!

Lady Gaga has pretty much made her way into the hearts of ppl all over the world with her unique and "weird" music and fashion, may it be to be liked or disliked by ppl.

Personally, I love her!
I love a good celebrity/actor/singer that can be proud to be him/herself, without fear of being critisized.

And in this song, she features yet another big name in the music industry, Beyonce!

Seriously, who doesn't know of Beyonce??!

Anyway, back to the song, I think its a great duet for these two singers.
The song itself has a catchy beat, the lyrics are pretty good, and it doesn't hurt that both the singers are amazingly hot!! =)

"Stop callin', stop callin', I don't wanna talk anymore!
I left my head and my heart on the dance floor~
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
Stop telephonin' me! "

7th: Robot Love - Allison Iraheta

This song, is from Allison's debut album "Just Like You".
It hasn't got much response yet, but I find it quite catchy~

For those who dunno, Allison Iraheta is last year's 3rd runner up in the hit reality TV show, American Idol!!
She's 18yo this year, but her vocals are easily comparable with many rockers out there!!

"Oooh, na na..
Give me my, give me my baby back
My boyfriend's in love with a robot~"

6th: Friday I'll Be Over U - Allison Iraheta

Once again, another song from Allison's debut album "Just Like You".
However, this song happens to be her very first single from the album..
Her vocals mixed with the catchy tune, makes this song really cool!

As u might have guessed from the song title, this is a break-up song.
But I find this one more uplifting than most of the depressing break-up songs..

And I love this one for sure, wayy more than I love "Robot Love"!! :P

"Cause you got me to forget me.
Oh you know that's true.
Yeah you got me to forget me
So Friday I'll be over you!"

5th: Come Home - One Republic ft. Sara Bareilles

Hmm, I don't really know much about this song,
but I do know that there are two versions to it.
One with and one without Sara Bareilles.

Obviously I love this version with Sara Bareilles better!!
I haven't heard much from her recently, but have always loved her vocals.
Ever since her first hit song, "Love Song".

And the even more touching part of this song is, get this:
"The song “Come Home” dedicated to the US Troops. The song was inspired by friend of Ryan Tedder (Onerepublic’s lead vocal) who got engaged and then was shipped off to Iraq the next day."

An "awwww" moment right? XD

"So hear this now, Come home, come home,
Cause I’ve been waiting for you
For so long, for so long~
And right now there’s a war between the vanities
But all i see is you and me
The fight for you is all I’ve ever known"

4th: Love Me - Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is one of the singers that I have previously blogged about b4.
Just to refresh u guys on some of his bio, he is currently a 15/16yo Canadian kid who was founded by Usher.

Quite famous for his hit song "One Time" and "One Less Lonely Girl",
this song seems to stick on me longer than the other two mentioned :P

"A minute with you is worth more than
A thousand days without your love, oh your love"

3rd: In My Head - Jason Derulo

Right. Well, this song I'm not really sure why, but I find it pretty good.
I don't know if it'll still be in my playlist next week,
or will I get bored of it soon which I think will happen... but right now, it ranks at no.3 in my fav songs to listen. =)

Check it out!!

"In my head, its going down.
In my head, its going down.
In my head. Yeah. In my head. Oh yeah."

2nd: Art of Love - Jordin Sparks ft Guy Sebastian

Now this song!!
Wow, I actually just knew of its existence earlier today!! XD

I saw a tweet Jordin wrote about this song called Art of Love making Platinum.
So I decided to check it out... and it turned out to be good!! Really good!!

"TheRealJordin Just found out ART OF LOVE with me & @guysebastian went PLATINUM over in OZ! Thank you guys so much! :)"

So, I'm sharing it with u guys.
Hopefully u'll all love it as much as I do.

"Cause I’m still learning the art of love,
I’m still trying to not mess up
So whenever I stumble let me know~
You need to spell it out for me..
Cause I’m still trying to learn the art of love"

1st: Sweet Love - Megan Joy

Lol. Now this song was even random!!
I was looking up on AI stuff yesterday night, and suddenly wondered what happened to that amazing voice I heard a couple of seasons ago.
So I did some research, and found her MySpace site that had these few of her new singles.

All of them aren't out in the radios yet,
but I managed to find some videos of em in Youtube,
which I brilliantly converted to mp3 for ur listening pleasures!!

And this song in particular, is my fav so far.
I can't seem to get bored of it.
And my sister keeps bugging me to send it to her hp 4 her XDD

It'll probably take a few times of listening to this song b4 u'll really get to feel the song.
But once u do, ADDICTION!!! :P

"I'm waiting for you, my sweet love, my sweet love
I'm waiting for you my sweet love
Wont you come and make it all right?"

So, that's pretty much all for today's post.
Believe it or not, I put a lot of heart into this one!!

Took me almost 2 hours to complete!!!
Including dinner and occasional American Idol moments on telly :P

If u guys want the songs on mp3,
just let me know!! =D

Nites peeps!!

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Saturday, January 16, 2010 @ 11:48 PM: Reunion and Outing
Well, better than being lazy and just posting one entry,
I decided to combine two of my entries for ur viewing pleasures :P

1st off,
I had another 5a7 class gathering on the 10th of January.
But this time, much more people came!!

Really was an awesome night.

There really isn't much I can say to u guys except...

There was a lot of reminiscing and laughter going on~

And not to forget the photo sessions going on every five minutes or so!! XDD

So, I guess I'll just post up some photos for u guys to enjoy =)

Nicole and I.
She is the person who sat beside me in class throughout F5~
Reli fun times we had. Mostly hillarious!
But we managed to make each other study for SPM early.
So she's practically my study buddy XDD

Kogi and Dinesh

My bro and partner in crime as a prefect, Shafiq! ;D

Another photographer of the night, as well as good friend,
Sheng Hao =)

See Shan and I

Everyone in d picture!!
Miss u all so much u noe? F5 truly was d best yr of my school life~
Makes me really feel like us diff races in Malaysia truly can bond...
Not just tht advertisement crap tht ppl try to make us believe. ..
We reli are gud frens =)

Just the guys :P

Grace, Carmen, Me, Nicole, Dinesh

I reli love this pic somehow...
And i go "haha" coz this pic took Nicole forever to capture XDDD

Once again, I'm not posting up all the photos here!!
U guys can check em out at my Facebook album.

Moving on!!
Which is another one more of my outing I had today with Wai Keat.

Ofcourse, joined by his sis and his cousin bro as well~

Seriously, I dunno how come I had such a bad start to today.
Not the trip was bad!!

More like how my day began...

I was supposed to wake up at 10am when I heard my alarm.
But I heard it and turned it off, lying down for awhile more.

I thought my 10.30am alarm would wake me up lol~

But then, the next thing I knew, Wai Keat was calling me asking if I was still asleep?

And I saw that it was 12.30pm already!!!

We had planned to meet around 12pm~

So I was 1/2hr late, and still not ready to go out yet!!

Damn damn damn I was thinking....

Luckily I was able to get ready in 10mins.

And so, the day continued smoothly.

Til we reached the Sunway Pyramid car park.

I actually opened the door too hard coz I didn't expect W.Keat's car door to be so loose!
I'm used to doors being hard to open XDD

And well, I pretty much hit the door onto the car beside me.

The Malay lady inside was quite annoyed,

despite the small "scratch" was able to be wiped off with her fingers.

And I had apologized repeatedly...

But then she kept staring at me like I was some criminal.. Ish...

Still not a good start to my day!!

The rest of the day, I kept holding tight onto my DSLR, fearing misfortune on it too!!

Luckily, misfortune stayed away the rest of the day.

And the outing was quite enjoyable!!

I even managed to get myself a new T-shirt for CNY at Padini Authentics! =D

Ah well, I'll let the photos do most of the talking...

W.Keat, his sis, and his cousin bro~

Most ppl say we're like brothers?
Well I could almost believe it from seeing this photo haha!!
We didnt plan to wear the same color of shirt!! XD

W.Keat and I

Our food at BBQ King~
Sry if this photo offends anyone.. There are some non-halal food in here..
I didn't really like the food to be honest~
But I tried to... Ate chicken, tried a slice or two of pork... 1 bacon~
And mostly fish noodles... Thats all!!
Sorry, I dunno how to enjoy food XDD

But it was a fun experience... eating like tht...
I enjoyed cooking the food rather than eating it XDD

Luv this picture.
Photo of the day =P

Oh and there were CNY performances going on too!
Managed to capture a few good shots, including this one =)

This was okay, but i liked the top one better~

This was pretty cool~

B4 leaving~

Ish.. had a hard time trying to get the sunset in our background...
Still gotta figure that one out~

One last group pic before leaving! =D

Pretty good outing.
So that's all for my recent adventures.

Upcoming ones?
Dunno of any yet.
Except that my Singapore uncle will be coming to KL on the 29th-31st Jan!!

YAY!!! =D

So I'll get to show him around this time.
Really gotta make his, my aunt's and my cousin Sarah's stay memorable.
Like they did for my stay in Singapore last Christmas~

The only sad thing is that I'll be missing out on a photography trip to Broga Hills~
Coz it happens to fall on the last day my uncle is in town.

I wonder if I can get my uncle to go along with me? XD
Hiking up the hills? I doubt it...

But miracles could happen couldn't they?
Either way, my uncle and his family comes first!!!
Broga Hills will just have to take a backseat for now... sadly T.T

Nitez peeps!! ;)

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